ELIZABETH LIM – Australia’s First Gold Medal Superstar!

History was made at the 2015 World Wushu Championships when Elizabeth Lim won Australia’s first ‘World Wushu Championships’ Gold Medal.

“Elizabeth Lim has work tremendously hard. She started competing for Australia since 2007 and has improved at every Championships since then. This occasion, on her 5th time she represented Australia, she finally became World Champion, despite carrying a meniscus tear injury in her left knee going into the Championships. I am very proud of her”

KEE LEE TAN – Head Taolu Coach Australian Team 2015 World Wushu Championship

“On behalf of Kung Fu Wushu Australia and the broader Chinese martial arts community I extend our sincere congratulations and thanks to Elizabeth Lim who has won Australia’s first gold medal at the World Wushu Championships. In doing this Elizabeth has achieved much at a personal level but equally she has established herself as an ambassador for kung fu/.wushu in Australia. Her manner, humility and grace compliments her amazing technical ability. Well Done!”
Walt Missingham. President Kung Fu Wushu Australia

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