Australia Nominated for IWUF Athlete of the Year

Two Australian Athletes have been successfully nominated as candidates for IWUF’s Athlete of the Year 2023 in the following categories:

  • Male Traditional Wushu Athlete of the Year = Sherman Mak (NSW)
  • Female Wushu Taolu Athlete of the Year = Elisabeth Lim (WA)


Please show your support for our Australian Athletes by following the link below to submit your vote now:

Master James Fu (付清泉)Traditional Yang Style Taiji Quan Workshop

Internationally acclaimed 6th Generation Yang Family Lineage Master James Fu is visiting Sydney for the first time to teach a single day workshop on Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity. Limited places available!
Traditional Yang Style Taiji Quan Workshop
Monday, June 12, 2023
$280pp All Day Workshop
31 Park Road, Marrickville NSW 2204
Wilkins Public School
Celebration and Farewell Dinner
Sunday, June 18, 2023
53 Agincourt Rd, Marsfield NSW 2122
Curzon Hall
$400 Workshop + Dinner Package
To book, please call Shifu Alice Bei Dong on 0414 281 098 or email:
The Master of Taichi — James Fu (Fu Qingquan)
At the age of five, inspired and instructed by both his grandfather Fu Zhongwen and his father Fu Shengyuan, he began to learn Taijiquan. Since then, his reputation and acclaim has blossomed in both China and around the world as one of the inheritors of the national intangible cultural heritage, Yang Style Taijiquan. Coupled with his talent in martial arts and unique teaching style, he has gained the reputation of “The Young Master of Tai Chi”.
Included in his formidable list of accomplishments and titles are:
– Chairman of the World Yongnian Taijiquan Federation
– Dean of Australia Fu Shengyuan International Taiji Academy
– Expert judge in the CCTV Martial Conference
– Privileged lecturer among the masters in Chinese Martial Lectures
– Master of Yang Style 85-movement Traditional Taijiquan
– Visiting instructor of Handan Academy
– Chief coach of Jingwu Shanghai Sports Federation and
– President of Hong Kong Taijiquan Association.
Since the late 1980s, at the invitation of foreign friends, he spread and taught Taijiquan in more than 40 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Oceania, together with his grandfather and his father. In the past 20 years, with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, Fu Qingquan began to think about the prospects and further development of Taijiquan, and reinforced the subtle relationship between Taijiquan and Taichi culture, and the positive influence of practicing Taijiquan on physical and mental health.
With more than 40 years experience, Fu Qingquan has his own ways of practicing, teaching and understanding Taijiquan, and his unique and humorous teaching style has attracted a large number of people from all over the world to follow him and learn Taijiquan from him. In order to promote Taijiquan and spread Taiji culture, Fu Qingquan has done his best to be the real master of Tai Chi, and has become a profound communicator and outstanding instructor of the Yang Style Taijiquan.
For more information go to: 

2023 Australian Kung Fu Wushu Championships

Kung Fu Wushu NSW will host the 2023 Australian Kung Fu Wushu National Championships.
  • Sunday June 11th 2023
  • BadmintonWorx Yennora
  • Unit 7 B/26 Nelson Road
  • Yennora, Sydney, NSW
The Championship will showcase Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Wushu and Sanda Full Contact Sparring.
It’s going to be Amazing. To register, go to Eventbrite here:
We can’t wait to see you there!

Sanda World Cup Melbourne Australia 2024

Kung Fu Wushu Australia will be hosting the Sanda World Cup in Melbourne, Australia November 2024 at the State Netball Hockey Centre.

For more information go to:
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8th World Junior Wushu Championships 2022

On the June 5th Meeting of the KWA National Executive approval was given to
commit an official Australian Team to the  2022 World Junior Wushu Championships to be held from 2-1 December at Tangerang Banten Indonesia.

Preliminary registration for the event is 2 Sept 2022,  Final registration is 2 Nov 2022. The event allows for the following participants:

Taolu maximun 20 members
1 Taolu team leader
2 Taolu coaches
1 Taolu Team doctor
12 athletes
4 observers

Sanda max 19 members
1 Sanda team Leader
2 Sanda coaches
1 Sanda team doctor
11 athletes
4 observers

The event is significant as it is the first ’post covid’ international event.

A committee to manage the team selection will be in place shortly but what I need asap is any an indication member who wishes to attend and in what capacity and what athletes
are provisionally nominated from our member schools.

Some nominations have already been received but for any remaining nominations a close off date for the provisional nominations has been set at COB 11 July 2022 after which time the official, coach and athlete composition of the team will be confirmed.