It was announced at the recent KWA AGM that the Registered Training Organisation  ‘Synergy Central’ has developed a specialised training package for all State and National KWA Office bearers and Administrators.

KWA National President, Walt Missingham advised:

“ Kung Fu Wushu Australia has evolved into the largest Chinese Martial Arts organisation in the Southern hemisphere, we have over 1000 government accredited instructors reaching over thirty thousand practitioners and have, over the last few years, achieved gold medal successes at the World Championships.  With this growth comes increased demands on our volunteer officer bearers and administrators, demands that sometimes our people do not have the training or knowledge to meet.

Accordingly KWA has entered into a commercial arrangement with the RTO ‘Synergy Central’ to provide government recognised and certified training in governance and administration.  The program is being rolled out over the next three years and will set the minimum standard that all of our State and National officer bearers and administrators will need to have.”

The Training Package is comprehensive and deals with all aspects of corporate governance and organisational Administration and will issue certificate 2, 3 and 4 as well as diploma qualifications within this framework. Details of the training package will be made available to members in the new year.